Certified products for the food and beverage industry

TP Chemicals understands your requirements for additives in the food and beverage industry. From food dyes to processing defoamers, our products are manufactured to the high standards you expect. We offer products certified to U.S. FD&C standards, Food Chemicals Codex, U.S. Pharmacopeia, USDA, European Council, Kosher, Halal, and Organic (OMRI) certified materials. As consumers, we demand no less.

Global reach from our operations

Specification grade materials or specialized niche products:

TP Chemicals supplies both efficiency and with equal care and attention to detail and quality. Our world-scale operations have excellent access to logistics and distribution channels for delivery worldwide.

TP Chemicals’s Food Industries


Foam control formulated to provide low interference with oxygen transfer.


Processing customized for dairy to meet specific regulations, to include foam control.

Dry Food & Powders

FOAM BLAST® PDR 10 and PDR 21 is a silicone-based powdered defoamer designed to control foam in powered food and beverages.


Defoamers added to the final stages adhere to special regulations to reduce breakage of delicate eggs.


Products for applications in and around processing areas for flavorings.

Food Processing

Products for all of your food processing needs.


8 grain processing applications for foam control.


State of art meat processing to comply with all FDA regulations. Applications for foam control to include whole blood processing.


Certified organic products registered materials under the USDA and OMRI listed for use in variety of “organic” food grade applications.


Food grade slip and mar additives for packaging inks.

Pet/Animal Feed

Pet and animal feed foam control formulated to meet the standards of pet food regulations.


Multiple applications utilized in potato processing related to the rinsing and transport of potatoes.


Applications for foam control include cleaning raw vegetables as well as processing steps. Belt release agents are often used to allow sliced vegetables to be released from conveyor belt.


Reduced foaming in many parts of the production process including the flume washing, evaporation and pans.

Protein Isolates/Soy

Extraction processing at low and high pH drainage especially for tofu production.