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Trevor Preston Chemicals and Dyes offers a wide range of excellent finishing products across multiple Industries. Our products are consumed and used every day, in household products, paint, and automobiles.

Our highly functional silanes, defoamers for high-caustic environments, and super wetting silicones for adhesion are just a few products and applications available to our customers. TP Chemicals places priority on safety and quality consistently meeting all national and international regulatory and voluntary standards of compliance.

TP Chemicals provides Sorament pigment dispersions, Soratint liquid dyes, and Sincol organic pigments for the coatings industry. These products can be utilized in various applications including stains, household and industrial paint, concrete stain, automotive finishing, traffic marking, marine and aerospace industrial finishes.

All of our dyes and pigments are backed by our technical support services. We specialize in color matching services to maintain branding and shading standards. Specific packaging options are available upon request, including water and solvent soluble packaging.

We also offer solvent-free, low-VOC, and environmentally friendly products. Our technicians are available to assist you with the research and development needed to utilize these products.

Soratint Stains

Soratint stains offer top of the line performance. These dyes offer excellent transparency and superior color value while maintaining excellent resistance to light and chemicals. These solutions are available in many packaging options and custom formulations are available.

Sincol Organic Pigments

Sincol water-based organic pigments provide high quality pigment solutions for coatings applications. Suitable for architectural, automotive, road marking, paint, and industrial coatings applications. Wide range of products available designed for specific applications.

Sorament Pigment Dispersions

Sorament pigment dispersions are selected pigment dispersions for architectural paint and automotive, marine, and aerospace coatings. They are characterized by their excellent lightfastness and ease-of-use properties. These products are available in low-VOC and solvent-free formulations which allow formulators latitude in meeting environmental regulations. 

These products are available as single pigment dispersions or mixed. They are available in multiple packaging options in pail, drum and tote quantities.